NATHAL® begins where others give up

NATHAL® teaches to bring intellect and emotions into unison, to activate inactive talents, and bring the whole of human potential to light – since 1980.

NATHAL® enables us to actively use our intuitive abilities – „good ideas“, normally just coming by chance, can be purposefully called up. With NATHAL®, answers to complex questions are systematically conceived trough intuition. These insights always have a direct, emotionally consistent personal meaning and can directly be applied in everyday life.

NATHAL® can be applied in every aspect of life: No matter whether private or professional, philosophical or artistic, whether scientist, salesman, manager, or housewife – everyone opens up new regions of the consciousness, eliminates personal blockades, and realizes his personal purpose in life.

NATHAL® leads to an increase of inner balance, independence, and tolerance. It is the most effective existing training to develop one’s own personality. The process, which the user undergoes, is highly individual. Everyone is being taught starting from his personal state of evolution, and under consideration of all conscious and unconscious aims and ethical conditions.

NATHAL® understands itself as a pioneer of future scientific exploration. The effectiveness of the method has been proven by independent scientists. It represents a connection between modern neuroscience and the advant-garde physics of mind-matter interaction.

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