NATHAL® practically

Practical use of NATHAL® means an advance in all aspects of life – intuition, emotional intelligence, creativity, health, and joy of life are massively enhanced, in a 100% individual process of mental build-up.

The world changes faster than ever before. Can you change fast enough, as well? Are your capabilities growing accordingly?

Using the NATHAL® method means to be prepared for the future. NATHAL® training gives an ultimate amount of mental flexibility and enables to conceive answers to all questions. Of course, this has widespread positive consequences in everyday life.

It may be about specific personal affairs: Which education, which profession is best for me or my children? How can I solve problems in my relationship, or with my health? How does the optimum future for me look like?

In the same way, questions about scientific or job related projects can be asked: How do I have to organize my office day in order to enjoy my work more? What is the purpose of the cavities between cells of the human body? What is hyperspace? What are trans-connections and trans-communication?

Questions of a philosophical nature can be answered as well: Is there a free will? Is the universe infinite? Is there a life after death?

When working with the NATHAL® method, you are in contact with the energy field that comprises all knowledge in the universe. Thus, you can ask absolutely everything, and the answers will always be given from an objective, superordinate and omniscient perspective. They are perfectly composed for one’s own understanding and regard all aspects that are important for the subject. The answers are conceived through feelings that strong and wonderful, that they make a lasting impression, and will always be recallable in everyday life.

Please also read the practical examples from training participants. [TBD]

What can NATHAL® mean for you?


  • As a scientist, you get a new approach to your subject of research. You get into direct mental contact, and by subjective emotional experience, you reach objective results
  • You go forward into scientifically unexplored territory with confidence. New theories, laws, and changes of paradisgms can better be understood und practically applied.
  • Regarding experiments, you scources of errors and factors of influence, which are way out of the ordinary spektrum of parameters
  • When preparing research proposals, presentations, and public debates, you can easily grasp those aspects and arguments, which will best convince the addressee

Future Research

  • You realize potential future developments and deduct strategic solutions and ways of actions, long before these developments become apparent
  • You learn to regards future trends in a positive way, and to channelize them into positive directions, even if e.g. a new technology is not yet accepted by society today

Management – Marketing – Sales

  • As a manager or chief of personnel, you better understand the skills and personalities of your employees
  • You optimize the use of personnel and create optimum conditions for the employees’ development
  • As a consultant, you spontaneously see the week points of future chances of a company
  • As a sales person, you intuitively react on your clients‘ needs. You easily find the wright arguments and the right product
  • In communication and marketing, you realize the needs of your target groups. New, fitting slogans, logos, and marketing strategies can be created easily

Intercultural Competence

  • You intuitively grasp cultural specialties while communicating with alien business partners, resulting in more easy and harmonic meetings
  • In spite of a different cultural character, you are sensitive for the other’s emotions, even if these emotions are e.g. more hidden, or exaggerated, according to our standards
  • One becomes more placid, so that subjective impoliteness or aggression of people with a different cultural background can better be understood and handled with more tolerance
  • A generally higher energetic balance makes it easier to physically cope with long flights and jet lags
  • Learning of foreign languages becomes easier, because the emotional component of the alien terms and concepts of speech are better perceived, and through the improvement of one’s memory, which is immanent with NATHAL®

New Media

  • The overload of information constantly getting to our attention can better be categorized and filtered according to one’s personal needs
  • It is easier to switch off mentally, as well as to achieve the correct dose of quietness and offline time
  • Unwanted advertisements, manipulative messages, etc. are more easily see trough and blocked away
  • Digital non-natives learn using the internet more easily through higher inner appreciation of new developments, and a more target orientated approach
  • Media consumption and needs of your children are better understood

Medicin - Therapy

  • As a medical doctor or healer, you diagnoze more easily and secure. You gain a feeling for the inner state of your patient, you can more easily “look into him”
  • In the same way, you can intuitively derive adequate therapy measures. You gain a better understanding for new methods of treatment and psycho-physical symptoms
  • You can better handle patients with fear and pain. Negative feelings don’t get into you so easily, and you can positively influence and calm down such a patient
  • Sie können besser mit Ängsten und Schmerzen Ihrer Patienten umgehen, und sowohl

Architecture - Engineering

  • As an architect, you see solutions that respect the needs of both humans and nature
  • You can emotionally realize how people will feel in rooms, before even the blueprints are made
  • As an engineer, you receive detailed plans and precise directives for their realization
  • You learn the design parameters and user requirements of future machines

Education – Pedagogics

  • As a parent or teacher, you better understand the needs and talents of your children. You learn to adequately and individually encourage their development
  • You learn to critically reflect and (if required) correct your own behaviour towards the children
  • As a trainer, you realize new methods of education and future relevant subjects for courses
  • School students learn to have more confidence in their natural learning abilities, and to control aggressions
  • Athletes optimize their training mentally. Physical performance becomes mentally controllable, phases of high and low fitness are intuitively recognized, the optimum training program can be easily set up

Literature - Movie - Theatre

  • As an actor, you precisely grasp the character of your roles, thus playing them with more expression and authenticity
  • As an author, you can insert yourself in past or fictive situations and “really” experience the scenes you intend to write about
  • It is easier to realize the line of thought that an author writes down, and to understand deeper meanings and metaphors behind the words

Art - Design - Fashion

  • Unused creative and artistic skills can develop
  • Aesthetical feelings and connections can be experienced in much higher quality, and easier brought into a physical form
  • It becomes easier to get into the creative „flow“, and to more and higher inspiration

Nature – Agriculture

  • You come into direct contact with other life forms and realize the interconnections between plants, animals, and human beings
  • You can conclude the optimum cultivation and breeding methods for your farm, thus maximizing your harvest
  • Nature becomes a more important part of your life, thus creating better living conditions for yourself and your surroundings
  • You learn to understand the ecological role of human beings in the universe, and regards it a positive, constructive way

Inner Evolution - Abilities

  • You gain permanent contact to superordinate mental dimensions, realize your own true nature, and your purpose in life
  • Inner balance, calmness, and joy of living come to be, and increase. Deep confidence and clarity develop
  • Extraordinary abilities, like clearvoyance, or synaesthetic perception of mathematics and speech develop
  • The memory improves on all levels

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