The Lady of Dai

Archeological riddle: The body of the Marquise of Dai is the world’s best preserved mummy. Though her death occurred almost 2200 years ago, her body showed no signs of decomposition when her tomb was opened in 1971. Is it enough to stand in awe at such artwork? No, because all riddles can be solved with the correct technique!

The „Marquise of Dai“ lived around 160 B.C. in the region of Changsha (today’s China). Her tomb was discovered in 1971 during construction works. Her mummy is the world’s best preserved ancient body. After her death she was embalmed with sophisticated methods, which cannot be reproduced today any more. 2200 years after her death, her body was in a state as if she had died only hours ago. By a multi-layered sarcophagus, she was perfectly isolated from the environment. Further, her body was drenched in a reddish liquid, which can be analyzed chemically, but whose purpose and properties (let alone way of production) remain a mystery until today.

No matter if professional archeologist or interested amateur, often we can only stand in helpless reverence when confronted with the achievements of the ancient world. In spite of our much higher technological knowledge, we can often not reconstruct what the ancient mummifiers, architects, or physicians knew back then – and even less can we imagine how they obtained that knowledge! To acknowledge our helplessness (with gritted teeth, if need be) is the first step towards the solution of many questions.

With NATHAL®, we no more fumble about in the dark when confronted with such questions – a transfer through time itself – physically and psychically – becomes possible by emotional adjustment to the corresponding period in history. The living consciousness of people who have lived millennia ago can be encountered and communicated with. In the light of a physical science embroidered by the trans-dimensions, this is no more a spiritistic concept, but a logical option of the human mind. Given the adequate mental and spiritual maturity, the world of back then can be experienced and understood in a way that makes all speculation obsolete. Information and experience from the past can then be grasped intellectually, and given meaning for today’s life.

Questions to be answered might be:

  • May ancient techniques of mummification have an application for long-term space missions, such as protecting astronauts from cosmic radiation?
  • Are there methods for conserving food that don’t need electricity?
  • Does the concentration of a craftsman influence the durability of his artefacts?

[Source: Das Rätsel um Lady Dai – ZDF Info, 12.01.2014]

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