Thinktank Training - for Companies

NATHAL® thinktank Training is the key to be several steps ahead in business. You and your employees will learn to use their intuitive potential. Thintank training leads to a generally better concentration and concentration, but also to specific results for company projects.

The first course comprises the following scope:

thinktank 1 (5 days):

  • Learning of the SUPRA dialogue®
  • Elimination of mental blockades and weaknesses of character, resulting in a more harmonic coorperation
  • Learning and activating of hitherto non-used or unknown abilites, and how these can be used for work
  • Recognizing potentials for personal development in the company
  • Gerenal future trends

The results can directly be implemented in the office afterwards.

Further traning can be do

Eine Vertiefung des Trainings kann im Anschluss stattfinden:

thinktank 2 (4 days):

  • Recognition of future tasks and business areas
  • Enact changes with joy
  • Learn higher stress resistivity and leadership qualities

thinktank 3 (4 days):

  • Train neutrality
  • Conceive knowledge about new technologies
  • Company's own group project

Special project teams can be trained and coached as well.

Prices upon request.

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