NATHAL® Healer Diploma (2 Blocks)

For medical doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists, and other healer and care professions

The curriculum of this course has been created specifically for healer professions of all kinds. Though, everyone wishing to help others regain mental and physical health is welcome to participate. As you will work a lot to put your own deficiencies and problems ("put your own house to order first"), you will experience deep healing processes yourself.

"To be able to heal, one must be whole oneself" - abiding by these words, you will first tackle and delete your own blockades and weaknesses of character, which would otherwise hinder the development of your own healing skills. Then, you will learn to optimize your ethical attitude. E.g., a patient's condition must not be judged by own criteria or one's "favorite diagnosis". This leads to higher neutrality, which enhancec the intuitive, telepathic diagnosing abilities. You learn to empathize with his patient, learn the emotional, social, and spiritual causes of the disease, and integrate those into the treatment. You also have to learn to accept the possibility of failure with indifference, and realize, that the healing process mainly depends on the ethical quality of your attitude, and only secondary from your therapeutical knowledge.

At last, you will train to concentration on higher, subtle energies, and direct those onto your patients, to promote health, mental development, and well-being. This kind of treatment will also be trained by the participants on each other. Handling of these energies requires a high degree of responsibility. This can be intensified for trained and untrained persons likewise.

Healer training has two levels:

Healer I:8 days

Healer II: 5 days

Healer II tranining will be awarded with a diploma as NATHAL® Spiritual Healer.

Remark: All participants will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement concerning physical situations of other participants, which they may come to know during the course.

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