NATHAL® Seminar E.B.E.s. – Extraterrestrial Biological Entities

Preparation for Contact with Extraterrestrians

Adaption to higher emotional load under difficult circumstances

Using NATHAL®, we are capable of coping with any subject, and not exclude anything from our consideration.

This seminar is about one of the most intriguing subjects of our universe, posing the highest possible challenge and complexity for us humans: Contact with extraterrestrial biological entities (E.B.E.s – 3rd kind encounter). To correctly and constructively behave in such a situation belongs to the most difficult tasks a human being can be confronted with.

The contact with E.B.E.s hits our very core values, transcending the basic axioms of our comprehension. We are directly confronted with our self-preservation instinct and the limits of our imagination. At the same time, we are required to have sufficient discipline, so we keep acting logical; thus we have to muster the highest degree of attention we are capable of.

We immediately receive a cultural shock, realizing that we – the human race – are not the superior of all living beings. This first realization results in liberation from our prejudice of self-importance and lays the basis of a dialogue. The second is the realization that the E.B.E.s are equipped with abilities far beyond our own, and therefore the E.B.E.s set the measures for the dialogue, not oneself. The human being is required to submit to this mental, technological, ethical, and spiritual superiority, in order to enter any kind of dialogue; he has no say in its content, he has to position himself with modesty. He will also receive orders and commands for his own protection. Expectations of one’s own are immaterial. In this contact, we are being externally steered, and receive benefit from it.

Empirical consideration

Many people have described encounters with E.B.E.s. Apparently, they all have the ability to read our minds. Very often, they can undo the laws of physics, as we understand them, etc.

As learned from these witnesses, such encounters have the purpose of confronting mankind with another form of reality, thus promoting a huge quantum leap in our evolution. In these encounters, the human being is confronted with E.B.E.s that are either indifferent or beneficial towards us. Occasional reports of unpleasant experiences with E.B.E. are the exclusive result of destructive thoughts or intentions from the human involved. These are only motivated by fear, deep ignorance, or unacceptance of the reality and rights of other beings.

Ignorance is often the reason for a reflexive refusal. At first, the person doubts his senses (“does not trust his eyes”). After realizing that his perception is indeed genuine, he “logically” refuses it out of his instinct for self-preservation. This results in aggressive behavior, motivated by instinct. This can be compared with the instinctive fear of a wild animal from a human being – but here with the human being on the lower, fearful level of evolution.

Unhelpfully, most of contemporary science fiction culture is based on the projection of violent conflict and glorification of the human race against extraterrestrial beings. The reasons are mostly an exaggerated, humanity-centered viewpoint, and a biological reaction to attack and destroy what can’t be understood and appears superior to us.

Pedagogic Measures

Using NATHAL®, there are two measures against these reflexes: First, counter the deficit in information, push the boundaries of our knowledge, i.e. open one’s mind and not let one steer by mainstream opinions, and second to increase the mental power, and stabilize spiritually.

By exercising tolerance, openness, and voluntary submission, the participant learns to automatically feel joy in new situations. When these conditions are set, the “dialogue” with E.B.E.s can be started as a positive, enriching experience. How these “dialogues” affect the E.B.E.s is categorically beyond our comprehension.

The presence of E.B.E.s requires our whole attention. The dialogue extinguishes all doubts about their existence and motives. The confrontation forces us to accept their existence and immense positive nature, be it enthusiastic or resigning. Our knowledge grows immensely. The emotional experience of the encounter is direct and overwhelming; it is beyond everything we have known so far. The dialogue will be individual, depending on the individual profile, knowledge, and acceptance.

The training program comprises – apart from the dialogue itself – concentration exercises under difficult conditions, adaption to unimaginable situations, transcending of the intellectual limitations, etc. As always, every training session, however abstract it may seem, has a direct, personal meaning and enables a grow of character.

Scientific sources: Dr. med. J. Mack, Dr. Illobrand v. Ludwiger, Dr. Jacques Vallée, French Gouvernment: Cometa report, French Airforce: Commission 3AF-PAN

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