NATHAL® Seminar Advanced 6 (4 days)

Special Experiments: Scents and Humans from the Future

The human olfactory sense is only weakly developed - for once, in comparision to other species (animals), but it is also neglected for cultural reasons, at least in the western culture. But it is this sense, which causes the strongest perceptions and feelings, and is most directly linked to the brain (and the hypophysis). And of course, knowledge is also hidden behind scents.

Therefore, the exercises of this seminar will first stimulate and promote the participant's sense of smell. In the exercises, scents will be perceived (internally, i.e, without presence of any physical odor), and learning effects deducted from the corresponding feelings. Scents, which are emotionally dismissed, can be the key the psychic blockades. Higher tolerance against "unpleasent" smells will lead in everyday life to a larger spectrum of perception, also concerning other people. You better learn to register and understand the olfactory messages from your environment.

Afterwards, you will be ready to perceive human beings from the future in the training room - first with your eyes closed, then open, in a optical, olfactory, sometimes also tactile way. These persons are highly evolved, live several decades or centuries ahead of us, and willingly project themselves into today's time, with the purpose to help us with our evolution today. In this contact, your challenge is to "endure" this contact emotionally, and let yourself treat and heal by these persons, which have extremly high mental abilities.

Advanced Training 5 and 6 can be booked on block of 8 days.

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