NATHAL® Advanced Training 5 (4 days)

Time Transistions: Travelling the Past and Future

Everyone can mentally go into his remembered past, imagine his assumed future. In this seminar, the NATHAL® exercises include the emotional body and allow whole new experiences.

Transitions into the past allow a detailed "reliving" of a day from long ago. It allows you to remember feelings and interrelations, which have not been consciously registered at that time, or which have been forgotten. You understand, why you have acted in a certain way at that time. Thus, important insights can be deducted from past experience, and the present actions better be understood and optimized.

In contrast to the exercises concerning future work etc. (A1, A2), the emotional transition into the far future (up to 20 years) have the purpose to integrate positive experiences from the future on a cellular level. These serve as a motive for one's own evolution, which has yet come to pass. By experiencing happy states of future life, you get a positive view on your own destiny, and you can joyfully anticipate todya what you will one day come to be.

Advanced training 5 and 6 can be booked on block of 5 days.

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