NATHAL® Advanced 4 (4 days)

Thermics: Warmth, Cold, and New Feelings

We know that our body can regulate its temperature. Mostly unknown, however, is that this process can be controlled with the purpose of creating a different perception of emotions.

The goal of the NATHAL® Thermics excercises is to allow a higher perceptibility for information, energy, und feelings. Higher temperature in certain body regions, e.g. allows a higher speed of perception. Cold allows to dose feelings and "bear" energetic treatment we would otherwise be incabable to accept or endure. As in all NATHAL® exercises, this is used for the purpose of personal evolution and information transfer.

For example, a participant may have a learning blockade on the field of mathematics, because he dismisses the subject emotionally. Through the correct dose of cold, he can reach a state in which he feels more distant from the dismissive emotions, thus enabling him to regards those with more serenity, leading to realization and dissolving of the blockade. You literally stay "cool" when working on difficult subjects.

These new thermic perceptions are then applied in other exercises, in which you learn to empathize into people from other cultures, and let yourself treat through higher cosmic energies.

Advanced Training 3 and 4 can be booked on block of 8 days.

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