NATHAL® Seminar Advanced 3 (4 Tage)

New colors, music, sounds, and corresponing feelings

New experience of known and unknown colors

Through the synchronicity of the brain hemispheres, colors can be experienced in a wider way. Colors are not only optical appearances, but are accompanied by a sometimes very strong emotional component, which can carry knew knowledge. Through the inner contemplation and perception of colors (or combinations of colors), you will first be set into a state of better perceptibility. Through emotional adjustment onto the colors, you will then be able to graps complex connections, without having to think about them. The ability to spontaneously understand is set into motion. This will lead to perceptions of knew knowledge, and to deep emotional healing processes, which could never have been achieved by rational analysis. This way, you can even experience colors invisible to the human eye (e.g. ultraviolet or polarized light), and deduct knew scientific knowledge from it. Diving into the color allows the complete switch-off of preconceptions and pre-formed associations.

New perception of music and sounds

We all know what strong emotional effect music and sounds can have. These effects can increase inside the exercises to such a degree, that the wish to give oneself up will form, and only remain floating inside the music. The perception of beauty and happiness by far transcends ordinary "hearing" of an instrument, or record.

These feelings of happiness allow transcending mental and emotional blockades. Beyond these limitations, pure inner dwelling inside the sounds can engange a knew kind of knowledge transfer, harmonization of character flaws, as well as physical or psychical healing. All this takes place with uncommon ease, without any special effort. Mainstream science has no explanation for these effects, and even neuroscience only starts to suspects what deep changes in the brain music can set into motion.

This kind of musical perception above all thrills musicians, singers, and componists. But also people only enjoying music will get a whole new perspective. Persons with low interest into music will certainly change their attitude through these experiences. Far beyond the mere sensual perception, sounds can engage a knowledge transfer to answer mathematical or scientific questions. Sounds unhearable to human ears can be experienced, and thus e.g. the senses of animals be explored. The wohle universe can be perceived as singular composition of music, with limitless possbilities to explore!

Advanced training 3 and 4 can be booked together as a block of 8 days.

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