NATHAL® Seminar Advanced 2 (4 days)

Future projects, job, science, group projects

In the future - or with NATHAL®, even today - we will have other ways of working and new research areas available.

In the sessions, the participant experiences himself in an active role shaping the future, in detail, as well as in a lead position. A multitude of information is conveyed about new abilities and research projects, drawing a detailed picture of the future. The experienced euphoria encourages to take a meaningful and active role in this process.

For preparation, neutrality will be trained, as well as encounters with spiritual beings, which help in the personal evolution and who convey new information.

Finally, the participants will work on a group project. In this process, everyone will be placed by the superordinate realms according to their abilities, without prior spoken consent. They will be surprised, how easily different opinions and processes will converge.

4 days   cost 546 €

Advanced 1 und 2 can also be booked on block (8 days).

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