NATHAL® Seminar Advanced 1 (4 days)

Personal, job related, and general aspects of the future

In the first seminar of NATHAL® Advanced Training, you learn to experience and shape your own future. The exercises begin where they ended during Basic Training: Experiencing one’s own self in a future situation. Step by step you will see what you will do a few years ahead, what your personal situation is, and under which general situation this takes place.

You will experience the future as it would be under the condition of an optimum mental and spiritual evolution. Above all things, this means enjoying new skills, higher inner freedom, and joy for life. At the same time, you will learn which obstructions of character have to be overcome, in order to reach these aims. These obstructions will critically be looked at and resolved. Every session has a direct, practical meaning for everyday life.

During the exercises, you will only experience positive aspects of the (personal) future. Fear and negative expectations related to the future will thus be viewed from another perspective and resolved. This leads to a higher motivation  on a cellular level and activates new mental abilities, which will help you to master all future challenges.

Advanced Training 1 and 2 can also be booked on block (8 days).

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