At University: NATHAL® During Exam Preparation

A report from a NATHAL® user from a real situation:

My exam in technical chemistry was ahead – based on about 350 slides from the lecture. Not entirely impossible, but what a dull time… I tried to do my best and compress it to the essential subjects. But how to judge what is essential? So, I ask my spiritual guides to tell me the main subjects. On the evening before the exam, I feel more or less well prepared, and once again I ask, if one of the subjects is of particular importance. They show me one particular slide, which is about “hydrocracking”. I search for it in the pile and memorize it.

The next morning, I sit a while outside before I go see the professor. Being slightly nervous now, I ask: “What grade can I hope for?” – “You will get 1,7.” Well, that would be okay.

The exam starts, the professor’s first question is: „What can you tell me about ‘cracking’?”. Bingo! I say: “Hydrocracking, thermal cracking, catalytic cracking.” – „Well, then tell me something about hydrocracking!“ So, I draw up the formulas from that very slide. I only hesitate when he is asking additional questions. But now, I have such trust into my guides, that for the rest of the exam I can only think: With you on my side, nothing can happen to me! And so I remember the correct answers, or bring forth the right thoughts. It only ever takes a little time until the thoughts come.

After I’m done, the professor shortly talks to his assistant, calls me in again, and hurriedly tell me: “Well, you get a 1,7.” Haha! “But only because you had an advocate on your side. So tell me, you didn’t really learn, did you? You pulled out through the right ideas, but… aren’t you interested in the subject? You could do better, if you wanted!” I feel too much joy to deem it necessary to respond to that. I immediately know: That is only his way of treating students, I don’t have to take it personal. I get the feeling that he gave me the mark against his own conviction. How funny! Later, the assistant takes me to the side and says, he thought I was very good, and he really found my ability to “work things out” ;-) impressive.

After this experience, I felt immense joy and gratitude!

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