NATHAL® Special Training

Apart from the "regular" advanced training, we also offer courses for specific professional or personal topics. In any case, these courses require participation on basic training first.

Cellular Regenration

Activation of higher biological regulation and order on a mental, emotional, and cellular level

5 days

further information (Cellular Regeneration)

Healer Skills

For medical doctors, alternative practitioners, therapist, spiritual healers, and others

Healer I: 8 days
Healer II: (diploma) 5 days

further information (Healer)

Memory and Concentration

Enhancement of concentration, alertness, diligence, memory power, stress resistivity

5 days

further information (memory and concentration)

Partnership, Soulmates, and other Human Relations

Interhuman relations for singles, couples, family members, colleagues, relatives, soulmates

5 days

further information (Relationships)

E.B.E.s – Extraterrestrial Biological Entities

Mental preparation for contact with higher evolved extraterrestrial life forms

5 days

further information (E.B.E.s)

Therapeutical NATHAL® Re-transitions

Re-transitions into childhood, pre-birth states, and former lives

5 days

further information (Therap. NATHAL® Re-transitions)

Own Genetic Modifications (Neurogenesis)

For this courses, the participant is expected to have understood the essentials of NATHAL®, and has seriously worked on his own evolution, concerning character and ethics.

5 days








weitere Informationen (Seminar Eigene Genetische Veränderungen)

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