Nathal® Advanced Training

After completion of Basic Training, you will already have an idea that NATHAL® opens up literally infinite possibilities to explore. If you decide to go this way and cease what is really attainable for you, learn more, and to work on your own character, NATHAL® Advanced Training is the right choice. The inner trust acquired in Basic Training allows proceeding to ever more challenging tasks.

It begins with subjects concerning more aspects of one’s own near and far future. In the further courses, you will learn ever more complex and deeper inner perceptions, getting new feelings and insights into personal and general connections of the world.

NATHAL® Advanced Training 1

Personal, job related, and general future

4 days

Detail information (Advanced 1)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 2

Future working methods, research, group projects

4 days

Detail information (Advanced 2)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 3

New colours, music, and sounds, and corresponding emotions

4 days

Detail information (Advanced 3)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 4

New thermic perceptions: Heat and cold

4 days

Detail information (Advanced 4)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 5

Time travel: Transitions into the past and future

4 days

Detail information (Advanced 5)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 6

Special experiments: The olfactory sense and human beings from the future

4 days

Detail information (Advanced 6)

For participation of Advanced Training levels 7-9, the participant is expected to have grasped the core of NATHAL®, and has seriously worked on his spiritual and ethical evolution. A good basic mood is absolutely required to perform the exercises.

NATHAL® Advanced Training 7

Special experiments: Willing projection, new information levels, perception and transmission of information over great distances

5 days

Detail information (Advanced 7)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 8

Special experiments: Transition into other universes, materializing, etc.

8 days

Detail information (Advanced 8)

NATHAL® Advanced Training 9

Special experiments: Energetic and mental preparation in sufficient intensity for physical transition onto other aspects of reality

8 days

Detail information (Advanced 9)

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