NATHAL® Basic Training

NATHAL® basic training is a compact course to learn to apply the method in different areas of life. The course goes for 5 days on block (10 sessions total). At first, the energetic connection is initiated, and then the handling of that connection trained. All further training courses are based on the skills learned in primary training.

You will learn the visualization sequence of the method, firm rules, and a specific technique (Supra-Dialogue®). From the start, you will perform the exercises by yourself, at the same time receiving an intensive, professional supervision by the trainer, in order to help you with problems and blockades. After the end of the seminar, you are capable to continue the training on your own, without any other means of support.

NATHAL® training leads to the formation of new synapses. This has already been documented through EEG data in 1985, ten years before neurosciences generally acknowledged that possibility. These internal changes lead to a significant impulse of your mental evolution, which you will experience during the first 4-6 weeks after the course in your everyday life.

Subjects of NATHAL® Basic Training:

  • Learn the fundamental rules of the Supra-Dialogue
  • Recognize and optimize personal attitudes
  • Eliminate emotional stress and blockades from the past
  • Learn a positive and open attitude towards the future
  • Conceive information from superordinate dimensions
  • Establish contact to other beings
  • Recognize and activate future talents and skills
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How does it continue?

After NATHAL® Basic Traning, you can venture into more challenging subjects and take the following courses:

Advanced Training 1 & 2

Advanced Training 3 & 4

NATHAL® Special Courses

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