You will learn to use your intuitive abilities in only 5 days with NATHAL® Basic Training – on your own, and without any auxiliary means

NATHAL® training has different levels and has been taught in this way by Dr. Gertje Lathan since 1980. You don’t need any pre-knowledge to perform the exercises, except the ability to visualize, i.e. imagining inner pictures with your eyes closed. In addition, mental openness and curiosity are helpful.

NATHAL® is being used by thousands of people from all over the world. There is no restriction concerning age, profession, or education.

The seminars take place in blocks of 4-8 days (depending on seminar level). On each days, two sessions will be held. These consist of a short instruction, the individual performance, and a debriefing in the group.

During the exercises, the participants sit or lie, comfortably, with their eyes closed. At first, they visualize a series of firmly set images, which than lead to the individual subject.

In the debriefings, the participants tell their experience in the group, and everyone gets his personal feedback by the trainer. Thus, the participants also get from each other examples and variations, how the excercises can turn out. Of course, everyone decides for him- or herself, to which depth they will recount the session, and if they tell e.g. personal details or not.

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