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Which age groups can learn NATHAL®?

NATHAL® can be learned by people of all ages, beginning from 10 years of age. There is no age limit, as long as the intellectual perceptivity is given. The oldest participant up to now was 92 years old.

Which professional groups can apply NATHAL®?

The NATHAL® method can be applied universally: For private or professional matters, for medical or scientific personnel of all kinds, business men, politicians, architects, marketing experts, gardeners, sportmen, artists… - the list can be extended indefinitely. Everyone learns to go beyond the limits of his or her intellect, and quickly and precisely acquire information from superior realms of knowledge, which were not approachable before, and apply this knowledge in his everyday life.

Does the NATHAL® method only work in the presence of the trainer?

The NATHAL® trainer initiates the access to the new emotional intensities and corresponding information, which are beyond our current state of mind. This ability is latently present in all humans, and is being activated in a permanent way. The contact to the cosmic database is in effect from day one. The participant can then do the exercises on his own, everywhere, and without the trainer. However, the trainer recognizes inner blockades and individual difficulties during the seminars, and can thus help the participant solving them. After the end of the seminar, this learning curve stays on, of course!

Is NATHAL® a kind of esoteric teaching?

First: NATHAL® is founded on modern science and has been scientifically validated. It is not an obscure method, it is generally understandable by an outsider, available to anyone, and can be evaluated at any time. At second, the term “esoterics” has often been used in the past for new developments that were out of the ordinary (e.g. flying machines, the Theory of Relativity, space travel…). However, history always proved the absurdity of such prejudice.

What position has science concerning the NATHAL® method?

The effects of the NATHAL® method can be verified by scientific means. The Institute of Communication and Brain Research, Stuttgart, investigated those effects by EEG measurements with NATHAL® test persons. The readings were so surprising, that the instruments were exchanged several times, to rule out a technical error. The results were really revolutionary for the neuro sciences.

See article (in German language) „NATHAL®-Methode wissenschaftlich begleitet“ by Günter Haffelder, in: raum&zeit 73/95, S. 39-43.

What ist o be understood by „brain hemisphere synchronization”, which occurs during NATHAL® sessions?

Normally, the human brain works “lefty”. During the NATHAL® sessions, a synchronicity of both brain hemispheres occurs, without any technical influence. Already in 1985 it was documented that NATHAL® applicants are capable of perceiving situations and concepts with the whole brain – i.e. by intuitive, emotional recognition (right hemisphere), and cognitive understanding (left hemisphere) at the same time. Thus, an applicant of the NATHAL® method is ahead of any expert of any area who thinks purely cognitive, in respect to speed of knowledge acquisition and creativity.

How does the brain react tot he NATHAL® method on the organic level?

The possibility of re-formation of synpases was generally recognized by the scientific community in 1997. However, NATHAL® has documented already one decade ago, that the brain is “upgraded”!

Can NATHAL® be used for psychotherapy?

Of course, NATHAL® can be used as a method for psychotherapy. We offer special seminars for medicals and therapists (seminar for healer professions).

Is NATHAL® related to any specific world view?

No. It is complete nonesense to associate NATHAL® with any ideology, religion, or esoterical direction. Our purpose is to support the inner freedom and autonomy of the individual. The Supra-Dialogue®, i.e. communication with higher realms of information, is available to anyone. Amongst the NATHAL® alumni are catholics, protestants, muslims, buddhists, hindi, atheists… - people of all religions and angles. NATHAL® is to be understood as a general method, which is compatible with any kind of personal view of the world. NATHAL® has been learned by people from 45 countries.

What are those „entities“ or „beings“, which NATHAL® often refers to?

These “beings” are energy – no more, no less. To get into contact with the higher mental levels, we need an inner symbolism, to which we can form a personal, emotional relationship. The participant visualizes two (normally human) images, who lead and guide him through the exercise. These beings are NOT angels, extraterrestrians, disincarnated people, or other entities with personal agendas, they are a symbolic representation of the omnipresent energetic reality of the universe.

If NATHAL® is working so well, why is the method not widely known?

Because groundbreaking developments are never „fast-selling“! The history of science is full of examples, which took a long time to get commonly known and accepted (e.g. electricity, common hygiene, computing machines…). The power of old habits and thinking patterns must not be underestimated. If every invention and good idea ever conceived could have come into effect without effort, we would live in a perfect world. This process requires courage and personal commitment. Like all new things, NATHAL® has to cope with that – and also pay for the expenses!

What does it require to learn NATHAL®?

Basically, there is only one requirement: You need to be able to visualize, i.e. to be able to conjure and perceive inner images with your eyes closed. Then, a respectful and ethically proper attitude, curiosity, and openness for news are sufficient to begin with the exercises.

How do I know if I am really fit for the training?

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