Personal Requirements

Learning and doing NATHAL® is easy. Anyone can use it, independent of age or education. Though, you need to be unprejudiced, open, and relaxed. You must be ready to accept news. If you already have experience with training like meditation, yoga, etc., you will find it easier to do NATHAL®.

The most important requirement is the ability to visualize. This means to be able to conjure images in your mind (with your eyes closed). Many people think they cannot do this, because they do not see “sharp images”. But this is not necessary. For NATHAL®, it is sufficient to see the images blurred, or only see single elements, it is not supposed to be an inner movie, or “holodeck”. During the NATHAL® exercises, emotions are added to these images.

To get an idea of our abilities, try the following examples:

Imagine your last beach holiday. Try to feel the warm sand beneath your back. You let your view wander across the see, and you see a boat coming to shore. You see people disembarking and you go meet them.

In your imagination, walk through a town. Try to imagine walking on a street. You can recognize the pavement and the architecture. You look into the shops, buy things, and see the people passing.

Sometimes, it is difficult to objectively judge your abilities to visualize. Call me, if you need feedback or council.

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