Scientific Approach

The NATHAL® method makes the brain work in an unusual way:

  • Left and right hemisphere work synchronously
  • Brain currents and frequencies which are characteristic for different states of consciousness occur simultaneously

Thus, the user reaches new states of consciousness and threads previously unused paths of thinking.

The effects described above have been documented by the Institute for Communication and Brain Research, Stuttgart, in 1995 by means of an extended EEG spectral analysis. “The right hemisphere, which is capable of taking in a lot of information in parallel, imaginative, emotional, and uncoordinated way, and the left hemisphere, which is structuring, analyzing, choosing, and coordinating, together yield an enormous potential of new, up to now unconceivable ways of thinking”, reported the leading scientist Günther Haffelder.

By these means he explains under which circumstances an „ingenious mind flash” can occur with the NATHAL® method: During NATHAL® training, brain currents were measured which normally only occur in people with extraordinary abilities or talents. This is due to synchronous activity in the theta and delta wave bands. Brain activity is defined by the frequencies of the changes in the electrical potential measured and recorded at certain locations on the outside of the skull. They are made visible by an electroencephalogram (EEG)

The following frequency bands and states of consciousness can be defined:

  • Beta band > 13 Hz: Awake, astonished, fear, control
  • Alpha band 8-13 Hz: Relaxed concentration, high processing capacity for information, suggestibility
  • Theta band 3-8 Hz: Phantasy, dream, REM sleep, plastic memory
  • Delta band 0,5-3 Hz: deep sleep, trance, extrasensual perception

Through EEG measurements on NATHAL® test persons it was shown, that during a NATHAL® session, all four frequency bands occur interlinked and synchronized in both brain hemispheres. This state is probably the (partial) physiological component for independence from space and time and other extraordinary states of consciousness.

The measurements show that the training activates new brain activity profiles in a very short time. New dimensions of thinking and of experience can be accessed.

The contact to the higher realms of information happens in the following way:

  • The environment of any human being is an ocean of different frequencies and patterns, of which we only register a small fraction. Our eyes, for example, processes the visible part of the electromagnetic frequency patterns into images.
  • Our brain itself is able to register and process different frequencies. Through help with the NATHAL® method, the brain learns to perceive and work with new frequencies. Thus, new information are made available, which were not registered before, or only registered subconsciously.
  • Without training, our brain will only register acquainted patterns. It stays at what we are used to and only processes information by mere analytical thinking. Nothing new can come from that.
  • With the NATHAL® method, you learn to approach new information in an unconventional way, by using certain rules to deal with these new states of consciousness. These new information encompass the subatomic to the superordinate, higher dimensions, and subtle forms of existence. By resonant interaction of emotions and frequencies in combination with inner neutrality (i.e. not to judge and analyze), a bridge of communication is established.
  • Through this Supra-Dialogue® (or transcommunication), everyone can access those information which he needs for his personal evolution. The information come from “sentient field”, whose dynamic structures have been investigated and described by many renown physicists: “Morphogenetic Field” by Rupert Sheldrake, “Entelechia” and “Hyperspace” by Burkhard Heim, “Universal Cosmological Interaction” by Jules Muheim.
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