NATHAL® in short

The ability to get new insights by activation of inactive skills is the foundation of NATHAL® since 1980. The process starts inner changes, comprising intellect and emotions equally and extensively.

New qualities of feelings and perceptions are the basis to realize new ideas

The whole NATHAL® education is carried by a progressively increasing perceptivity, which grows ever more efficient and subtle in the process. Neuroscience showed that the limits of our brain are being pushed constantly further, enabling the user to conceive specific knew insights, and, even more important, enabling him to realize them in everyday life. Evidently, the possibilities of application are limitless. The immediate and most significant effects are:

  • NATHAL® quickly deletes obsolete mental patterns and leads to an appreciative inner sovereignty.
  • A bunch of new individual skills are learned, and can be practiced and used afterwards at home.
  • NATHAL® users spontaneously realize their personal goals in life, and what they have to do to achieve them.
  • New mental abilities enable the user to empathize into any situation, lifeform, or material object
  • Extremly low frequency (ELF) sine brainwaves are generated, which carry the new information. They are perceived as a kind of inner light. The EEG state morphs from beta to theta and delta waves, accompanied by periodically occurring sine wave forms.

NATHAL® creates hypersynchronous brain potentials:

  • Reaction profiles similar to those of toddlers occur (theta and delta states)
  • New synapsis and new synaptic connections are forged. After re-wiring of the brain, these patterns go into beta states, which coincide with high activity of mental perception
  • The boundaries of the mind are successively transcended. This process goes smooth of joyfully, and is correlated to desirable changes of character
  • NATHAL® is more than the improvement of brain functions. It shows us the limitless potential of our abilities and creates an interdimensional mind
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